Krakatoa "working"I’ve been under extreme stress for over a decade. There are days when “walking into the mountains and not looking back” seemed like a very good idea! I suppose I could get drunk, shoot heroin, become a Democrat…. Or any number of other “self-destructive” behaviours to vent my stress.

That’s what this site is: Me venting my stress.

Clearly these “rants” represent my “opinions”. You are welcome to have your own opinions. Your opinion and my opinion may not be aligned: Beautiful! The friction between diverse opinions opens the door for growth. An “opinion” is a snapshot in time…. years from now I may have a different opinion (hopefully a more mature opinion).

I had some long time friends that I used as sounding boards to vent to and I learned an important lesson: great way to reduce the number of “friends”. I’m not complaining about my friends ⇒ I wouldn’t want to talk to me either… (It’s not an uplifting experience when I dig into some specific form of “insanity” that I’m confronting ⇒ It is usually “informative” but “insight” is no substitute for “happiness”)

It turns out that the origination of my stress is not unique: Lots of people face similar challenges. Minimally, I hope, others may find some fragment of hope for the singular realization that “they are not alone”.

I’m sure there are people with more stress and people with less stress. I’m not making any claims about the peculiarity of my situation and while often my writing may not be clear: I’m not making any suggestions for you to do, or not do… anything.

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You will notice that I don’t seem to be interested in your opinions (no comments on this site). I’m not devoid of interest but I can’t afford for this site to get infected by malware (see this rant) and there are malicious companies who develop bots to post ads in comment sections on websites (and then I would have to spend the time to remove them) and our federal government hires trolls to post ridiculous (racist, sexist, inciting violence) comments to web site comment sections (apparently the govt. is transitioning to bot systems used by commercial companies) that creates more work for me. I’m not willing to spend one minute cleaning up the work of some malicious entity.

If you want to post your rants or comments about my rants I suggest you setup your own website: Use your first amendment.

You could hire Krakatoa Ranch to setup the website for you: we like to help & we could use some revenue. (It’s quite easy to setup a website…. you don’t really need our help…. just setup a website using and it is very easy to get focused on creating content).


I am not politically correct and quite often I use profanity: This is my vent site. If you don’t like it: leave.

I am often rude: I pick on everyone (including myself). I enjoy the human condition (our inherent insanity: the battle between logic and emotion) and I revel in the magic of man (What we are able to create, How we are able to obtain new perspective, etc..).

I think Republicans and Democrats are two fingers on the same hand: When those bankster scum needed a bailout we saw the most rapid and cooperative bi-partisan legislature in the history of America. Not surprising since the banksters routinely bribe our legislature with “campaign contributions” and lucrative (future) employment opportunities. Scum: both the international banksters and these sell-out assholes that serve under the claim that they are our representatives (they are not “our” representatives).

Over 70% of Americans were against Obummer care and vigorously expressed their opinions to their Representatives. Congress critters passed it anyway and then the fuckers exempted themselves from Obummer care so that they could continue to spend our tax dollars on their premium health insurance program (for the rest of their lives). We then elected a bunch of Tea Party Republicans to repeal Obummer care… and the fuckers still haven’t done it!

In the original Federalist vs Anti-Federalist debate I think it is now safe to say that the Anti-Federalists were correct: a centralized government will always find ways to increase its power until it becomes the very entity that we were forced to declare our independence from. Patrick Henry was selected as a delegate to the original Constitutional Convention but refused to attend because he thought it would lead to usurpation of State and Individual rights…. dude was a genius.

I think people who spend their time trying to use the monopoly force of the government to impose their views on others are demonic.

I think people who focus on taking care of their business and ignore politics are fucking stupid…. but “doing the right thing” (They are stupid because the people who spend their time figuring out how to use the government to implement their view of the world on others will eventually impact the “uninterested person’s” nice comfortable life and they are going to be caught blind sided). I was one of those people: my hands were full & I didn’t have time for useless “politics”: and I have paid a heavy price for letting others worry about politics.

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”― Edmund Burke

I believe in individual Liberty: Freedom, responsibility, integrity & Honor.

I like guns. I also like windmills and dogs and trucks and technology…. Guns are just another tool but they are critical if you believe in individual Liberty (because of those demons who use the monopoly power of the State to try and take away my Liberty).

I have a love/hate relationship with writing. I like getting the thoughts out of my head but I really hate the end product: It’s never done. The words could be more precise, the depth could be expanded, the tempo of the words could resonate better…. writing never really captures the notion in the mind as it is translated to the written word but in that effort I routinely educate myself (causes me to have a new view). I’m extremely verbose: It’s a misguided attempt to communicate with clarity.

I’m more logical then emotional: It is a bias. “Feelings” are not as important to me as “Facts” & “Knowledge”. That does not imply that I don’t have emotions or that I don’t value emotions in others…. they are not mutually exclusive and that is why I relish the human condition.

You will read and hear and see things on this site that will cause one particular reaction: “That can’t be true!”. In most cases “it is true” and I know its true because I have done the research and confirmed the research. There are other topics where I have no idea how to test the validity of the facts other than to say that I arrived at these views when all other “rational options” have been ruled out (The exclusionary method does not confirm a fact but the facts that survive exclusion scrubbing represent viable information that should be further evaluated). I try to differentiate “known facts” from “exclusionary facts” but you should be able to determine that for yourself by evaluating the context and doing a little research.

I source facts (sometimes) and I figure most people know how to do web research so I’m not compelled to do that work for you. Remember, I’m not attempting to convince you of anything…. I’m simply sharing my view.

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