Shocking: No valid marriages in America!

⇒When you got married did anyone tell you:

  • By signing the marriage license you gave up all of your God-given natural rights secured by your State’s Constitution and the Constitution for the untied States of America?
  • You are entering a three party contract with the State as the superior party?
  • Any children created from the marriage are the property of the State and you would have only “custodial rights and responsibilities” (You children my be taken from you on the whim of a non-elected social service beuracrat)?
  • The terms of the contract may be changed at anytime without giving you any notice or right to challenge the change in terms?
  • That you were offering yourself as a “subject” (slave) to the State?

No? Then the contract is null & void due to fraud (on the part of the State). A contract requires “meeting of the minds”… You must understand the contract or your signature on the contract is not valid.

Did you know you didn’t need a marriage license? I didn’t. I got a women pregnant and I wanted to do “the right thing” so I married her (oldest story in the book). Turns out that at the time corporations (fictional children of the State) and the State were running another scam: no health insurance for “partners” without a marriage license (a violation of monopoly laws). Thankfully, that “no marriage license, no health insurance” scam has largely evaporated due to the pressure of the LGBT community.

The LGBT community should have stopped while they were ahead…. Now they are falling into the the “slave of the State” trap originally designed for heterosexual couples: marriage licenses with undisclosed terms.

Some say you should “rescind your signature” on the marriage license while others claim that since the signature is obviously invalid rescinding only validates the signature. I say: another person’s fraud does not compel me to do anything!

This isn’t simple fraud: it’s a diabolical fraud designed to enslave and subjugate people to the power of the State inverting the natural order (People created the State: the State is supposed to be the subject of the People). The fraud is completed using lawyer tricks (deception).

I discovered this Fraud  much too late: post divorce “final” orders. I was trying to figure out how it was possible that the court could inflict such brutal orders upon me that destroyed my health, ruined my career and is now leading directly to my death (that’s not hyperbole). How was it possible that the court could order me to pay $6,700 / month to my supposed X-wife leaving me with less than $2,000 / month for me to live off of? (My first mortgage was higher then $2k/month and the court was fully aware of this fact thanks to the financial disclosure they demand… And I complied in good faith).

The con games the divorce court engages in are extreme: Colorado Statutes suggest a 60/40 split in favor of the earner. Of course, that’s just a recommendation to the court: Judges may do whatever they want. In this Republic we somehow created judges with all of the powers of a Tyrant and none dare call it conspiracy….

I’m still trying to figure out how the hell these bastards are still coming after me (no income, no savings = no money, a health condition that is literally killing me) and now they want my house: forcing me out into the streets to join the homeless. How could the judge be so brutal?

Independent of “why” I got married I acted in good faith and “need” evolved to love. When by alleged X-wife was kicked in her head by her horse at a local summer parade I never gave up on her. She nearly died, she had fragments of her skull lacerate her brain (left frontal lobe) and after the doctors removed the skull shrapnel they patched her up with a titanium plate. My wife refused to stay in the hospital to recieve the treatment she required. She signed herself out of the hospital against doctors recommendations and made me her primary care giver (an incredibly stupid decision: I’m an electrical engineer not a doctor).

The first morning my wife woke up in our bed she had no idea who I was….. A stranger…. In her bed…. Scarry stuff (for both of us).

My alleged X-wife was experiencing frequent, random, full body seizures…. She needed constant help but refused because she feared that I would use her medical records to have her committed and she would never see her children again. So, when she took off with our children driving across country in a fit of madness putting our children at risk no-one would help (not the Sheriff, not Social Services….. No one in the govt would help because I didn’t have any medical evidence)

To make the situation more complicated a few months later our youngest daughter had a catostrophic asthma attack that after a month  in the hospital she emerged paralyzed in one leg and was experiencing constant severe pain.

For the next 3 or 4 years I rarely slept: we had four children that needed transportation to their schools or events, lots and lots of doctor appointments for our youngest daughter, shopping, full time employment….. I was stretched so thin that I honestly did not think I would survive God’s test.

Fortuntalely, we live in a small rural community and without a word from me People started showing up to help…. Most of these good folks I had never met. Somehow they “heard” and decided on their own to help us out. This is why I have an optimistic view overall: There are some very good People inhabiting America.

Fortunately, I worked with people who are “the best people in the world” and they helped out directly with expenses and executive management helped me transition from a management role to an individual contributor role so that I could have flexible working hours. They could have fired me or downsized my ass but instead they took a stand and helped me survive what I call “the worst years of my life”.

After ten years doing whatever I could to help my alleged X-wife recover from her injury she started cheating on me and then finally filed for a divorce. Do you know what ten years of putting others people needs before your own needs results in?: A body that has depleted it’s health. We can work while under stress but you can’t stop the ravages of stress on the body.

My alleged X-wife decided to use the “shock and awe” divorce initialization process: While I was taking our daughters to the doctors my wife took whatever she wanted and moved out. She had asked me to drop our youngest daughter off at the local movie theatre after the doctors office visit (which I did) but that turned out to be misdirection:  my alleged X-wife abducted our youngest daughter.

My alleged X-wife did not want our second youngest daughter: She was just about to turn 19 and offered no financial benefit to her (child support).

My alleged X-wife left a huge mess for my daughter (second youngest) and I to clean up. She took the livestock trailer but left the livestock. She stacked the livestock feed next to the livestock pen….. Which the steer loved but resulted in added expenses (she knew better so I think this was intentional) My alleged x-wife had “gone off” on out second youngest daughter the prior night complaining that our daughter would not help her clean the house…. Apparently she wanted it clean for the people who were helping her steal my belongings because when we renter end the house it was a disaster.

During the divorce proceedings my wife claimed that she was perfectly capable of taking care of our youngest disabled daughter who was suicidal at the time (my second youngest daughter and I speculate that the suicidal state was a direct result of the fact that our youngest knew about the infidelity and had been sworn to secrecy by her mother…. Cruel). Then later in the process she claimed she was unable to work due to her frequent and random seizures …. It was obviously perjury but the Judge allowed it….

Since my alleged X-wife was disabled and had our youngest disabled daughter I was stuck: if I fought back I knew my youngest daughter would bear the brunt of my alleged X-wife’s frustrations (she does become very unstable at time when her fears get the best of her).

Why is divorce carried out in an adversarial judicial system? An honorable man does not go to war with his family. My conclusion is that this allows the State to make theft Leagal (but not lawful).

At one point in this process the judge had increased the “maintenance support” and the criminals at the IRS had decided that I had lied on my tax returns (I wasn’t married and was not entitled to the associated deductions). My wife had refused to sign the prior year’s tax returns (which is what the IRS wanted) so the IRS forced my employed to set my deductions to zero…. Which tripled (more than) my withholdings.

In the middle of a fierce February snow storm with temperatures dropping below -20 F I ran out of LPG for heat and I had absolutely no money….. I became very ill. The Fevers lasted at least a month, I brought our big dogs into the bed with me for heat and managed to survive.

The fevers continue to this day… 18 months… It’s enough to make anyone depressed.

My absence at work did not go unnoticed: instead of firing me my employer decided to pay me a bonus so that I could recover my health. Of course, my wife wanted half of that bonus but by this point in time I  was starting to get pissed off. My family members energetically communicated to me that my health had to be my first priority just as I made my alleged X-wife’s health recovery my top priority after her brain injury. I began the long process of visiting doctors, being poked and prodded like livestock and slowly my health started to recover.

Unfortunately, the root cause ailment was not covered by our premium health insurance. I have an anti-biotic defiant infection in my mouth which is constantly depleting my immune system. The infection in my mouth is know to cause death (heart attack or brain infection) if left untreated but I don’t have the $61,000 necessary for the treatment.

Due to the nature of my root ailment I didn’t qualify for the disability insurance that I had been paying for for decades (I’m convinced the insurer has engaged in fraud… But I don’t have the money or energy to fight them). The judge in the divorce proceedings similarly dismissed my medical condition due to its uncovered nature.

The judge demanded that my alleged X-wife be given half of my bonus (which was completely exhausted visiting doctors). The demand was backed by State sanctioned violence: I would be held indefinitely in jail for refusing to comply. To stay out of jail I agreed to give up my tractor (a very necessary tool if you live where I live…. Out in the great eastern plains of Colorado). That led to getting stranded on the property for weeks at a time during the 2015 snow season.

Eventually (after a full year) my employer had done everything they could and I was downsized on January 4th 2016. I have nothing but good words for my prior employer…. I believe they truly did everything possible to help.

No job, no income, very poor health…. I decided to start a company so that I could work the few hours each week when I was neither sleeping or locked to the toilet. My family members were very supportive in helping me to launch this new venture.

7 months later and I have no idea how to keep the electricity on. My great plan for my business was impaired by a criminal web hosting services provider (Aabaco) I’m in the process of rebuilding the on-line store but now it’s a race with time that my health constantly undermines. We will see what comes but it’s getting incredibly difficult to be optimistic.

So, you socialist scum populating Colorado: Fuck Off! In your naïveté you have destroyed me by placing your “good hearted intentions” into the hands of criminals who use contract fraud to destroy real people. I finally get it: Terms like “dead beat dads” is designed to make you feel good about treading on the rights of individuals and destroying our once great State and Nation.

Femminist: Give me a break! You want to be both “dependents” and “free”. You have absolutely no integrity but you will take as much as possible while complaining about how you are persecuted by a male dominated world. You will get your rewards: Keep bringing in those Islamic terrorists under the banner of “migration” and soon we will see the Rape epedemic in Sweden right here in America. ( I don’t want any women to get raped…. I don’t want my daughters raped, I don’t want my alleged X-wife to be raped….. But, apparently, you feminists do….)

To the beuracrats inhabiting the halls of government: Now I understand why you grant yourselves immunity from your actions => you know you are engaged in criminal activity designed to destroy the People. Judges, Sheriffs, Social Service Workers, Representatives and Senators are all immune from their official acts. We know that the US Congress passed Obummer Care against our wishes and then immediately exempted themselves from Obummer care so that they could enjoy top rated medical care…. Using our money…. Scum sucking degenerates of both the Democrat and Republican parties (and recently we see the libertarian party falling into this same mold of opressing the People do that the “leaders” may be rewarded)

If you get married using a marriage license you are a complete fool. If you are married in the eyes of God: God bless.

Are the People of America so dumb, so self consumed that they will continue to allow these pirates inhabiting our government to continue their oppression and destruction of the People? For our children’s sake, for our children’s children’s sake I hope the answer is a resounding “No”…. But I do see how easily the People are misled and I find my outlook to be very pessimistic at the moment.

Many will complain that my situation, trials and tribulations are the exception…. That these heinous results are an abnormality brought about by perjury and a man hating feminist judge. That might be a correct characterization: I have only been married once and my data set is scoped to this singular experience but I can tell you that the vigor of the prosecution by the court reeks of “same old battle plan” to destroy a once prolific contributor to our community.

I don’t understand why I must die so that my alleged X-wife may enjoy the company of her current lover. Her current lover is a piece of work: He had the audacity to threaten our second youngest daughter (who continues to live me) that if she informed me about the truth of my alleged X-wife’s infidelity that she would never talk or support my daughter. That guaranteed that my daughter would tell me: At some level I already “knew” but the confirmation was good (I don’t enjoy dark thoughts and sometimes the only way to “move past” is to know the bleak truth)

The doc’s gave me five years to live after diagnosing my root cause ailment (I have that in writing… Gave it to the court)… That was a year ago. Four years left…. Much less without heat, food and medicine. They won’t get the house without killing me…. Time to make a stand: and I have nothing to lose. I’d prefer to die on the land soaked in my sweat and blood …. Expiring in a cardboard box under some bridge is not acceptable. The Sheriff has nothing to worry about: while they are acting UN-lawfully I will not condemn them…. I will not kill kinsmen…. I will point my unloaded gun and that will resolve them of all responsibility.

Its not a death wish, it’s not really suicide by cop…. It is saving myself from the slow, painful death of this uncovered ailment.

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