Why the Zombie Apocalypse is Inevitable:


To do this topic justice we would need to kick out 10 or 20 thousand words… write a book, write a follow up, etc…

So we’ll take an objective perspective:

  • GMO food is poison (the rats eating the GMO are all sterile within 3 generations…. our pig wouldn’t eat GMO corn… picky porky was smart).
  • Somebody is spraying poison into the air very frequently…. come spend a few days on the Ranch with us and you will see it directly (we can see 100 miles in every direction… living in the plains gives you a wide open perspective)
  • The water is poisoned intentionally (fluoride is poison… says so on your toothpaste container). On the Ranch we have well water that is poisoned with glyphosates (farming community).
  • Some idiot is going around shutting down the cleanest power production facilities in the world (Coal… in America the only output is water vapor: steam) and moving them to foreign countries that don’t have clean power regulations while ridiculously increasing our power costs. (Cheap power is directly linked to economic prosperity for the poor and middle classes because it enables competitive manufacturing.)
  • Our Nuclear power plants are exceeding their “operational lifetimes”: Fukushima in America
  • Some idiots got together and decided it would be a good idea to build nuclear power plants on fault lines (it must have been a plan… its is impossible that so many nuclear power plants are built on fault lines by accident)
  • Our power grid is wide open to being shut down by an Electro Magnetic Pulse {EMP} (originates from the Sun or from a satellite in orbit or from a nuclear bomb exploding above the ground). This is a well know fact and for as little as $2B our power grid could be hardened: But our corrupt congress critters won’t take any action… too busy figuring out how they are going to get rich by selling out the American People to do a darn thing to protect those same People.

It is impossible that all of these “acts” occurring simultaneously is a coincidence (you would have to be a real soft gum ball not to realize that this is happening “world wide”). Look, someone is trying to kill you, your friends, your family, your loved ones, your community. It is a fact… you are under attack by experts in “soft kill” (so slow you don’t notice you have been murdered). Who are these killers? Follow the money…

Let’s look at the current “populism” complaints:

  • Wall Street corruption (too big to fail, too big to jail, stole then entire GDP of the Country and not one of the bankster scum is going to jail… they just keep getting richer by stealing whatever they want)
  • Political Corruption (See Wall Street corruption and then add in rigged voting machines in elections: Bernie won California and Criminal Hillary stole that election. Since when is a “super delegate” more powerful then the voice of the People?)
  • Never ending wars that are never won: The war on terror, The war on drugs…. now our kids get thrown in jail for being kids while every single one of our god-given rights secured in the Constitution for the united States of America is being violated RIGHT NOW
  • 9/11: The great Saudi “cover up”. Why would our government protect the Saudi’s? (See Political corruption: there is no way the Saudi’s involvement in 9/11 doesn’t lead directly back to the Bush crime syndicate)
  • The Cops are killing us for no reason! Cops think “we are the enemy” and they have been preparing for “war with their enemy” by obtaining military equipment. Cops aren’t here to “Protect and Serve the People” they are here as prison guards who enforce “Law and Order” on the People. It doesn’t matter what your skin color is… Cops kill more whites then Blacks… Yes, from a demographic analysis perspective blacks deaths are at a scary level…. but the cops aren’t racist: “We are the enemy”…. when you understand that the war on drugs and the war on terror are wars against the People then you will resonate with reality. (It’s not really the Cops fault…. they were systematically corrupted… ) The Cops have some tough decisions coming: “Serve as the Palace guards for the local tyrant” or “Serve the People” and protect the Constitution.
  • Politicians are making up laws that make us poorer and their special interest campaign contributors richer. We can guarantee you that within the enumerated powers of the Constitution that the Federal Government was never given the authority to create laws that forced us to purchase particular products. We should have revolted when car insurance became mandatory but instead they just used that momentum to create a new level of wealth redistribution (to themselves) with Obummer care. The argument “for the greater good” always decays into justification for stealing money from the producers and giving it to the idle (Guess who dwarfs all other for welfare handouts?: Corporations!…. If we simply stopped giving welfare to corporations we might actually be able to afford taking care of our poor and our ill…)
  • There isn’t a lick of material difference between Republicans and Democrats: The parties only exist to create the illusion of “choice”. See how fast they all agreed to bail out the banks on the backs of our children’s children’s children? They both pushed through Obummer care… so we voted in a new batch to repeal Obummer care and they didn’t get the job done. Hillary stole the California Election and Globalist Ted Cruz stole the Colorado primary (When was it decided that the Republican and Democrat parties “rule committees” could pass new “rules” that wiped out the voice of the People?) Obummer refuses to obey the Supreme Court Ruling and close the borders. Criminal Hillary skates AND the FBI stooge Comey flatly states that if any other person would have done the same things they would be prosecuted. The Attorney General meets privately with the husband of the person under investigation, doesn’t recuse herself and still has a freaking job! (And during the Bush era we could have listed similar egregious criminal behavior of the Republicans). It’s simple… the People who have the “power” want to keep the “power”: They will engage in whatever behavior is necessary to retain the power.
  • It’s immoral to vote for Donal J. Trump: It’s the same thing as signing his death warrant. We had high hopes for Mr. Trump because he was smart enough to tap into populism and seemed willing to work for the benefit of America and its People. We think Donal Trump is the genuine article: a man of his word. Unfortunately, he was saddled with a Globalist TPP, NAFTA, GATT, “One world order”, open border whore for a VP. If Donald gets elected the globalist will kill him as soon as he crosses them because they have “their guy” as VP ready to step in as President. We like Donald… we don’t want him to be assassinated…. and since we really think he is a man of his word he will try to do the right thing and then: “bang”
  • The main stream media has transitioned from News to Propaganda. That is being generous because it’s not “entertaining”. Yes, our government ended its prohibition against propagandizing its own citizenry. This shouldn’t be too surprising since most people already know that our Politicians exempt themselves from the very laws that they pass for us: The People. You didn’t know that the Congress critters decided that Obummer care wasn’t good enough for them and they decided to exempt themselves so that they could keep their premium health care insurance (for the rest of their lives) paid for by us? Didn’t hear about that on the main stream news? Hell, these idiots won’t call the Orlando shooter an Islamic terrorist and according to them a “truck” attacked all of the innocent French People in Niece (they wont mention the driver is an Islamic Terrorist).
  • Antibiotic resistant Tuberculosis is streaming across our open southern border along with Islamic terrorists while our government continues to run its “Fast and Furious” guns across the border program. American weapons are in the hands of Islamic Terrorists. Some want to blame a frightened American fighting force who was so panicked when they left the middle east that they either forgot to take the weapons with them or they forgot to blow them up before they left. Really? The one emotion our military does NOT evoke is cowardice.

Each of these tidbits could be false: a figment of cousin “Crazy Eddy’s” fertile imagination. The problem is that they are not ALL false. The frequency and severity of “crazy eddy” events is increasing and more importantly a wider spectrum of the population is “aware”.

Our bitch with Black Lives Matter isn’t that they have their facts wrong… no, it is that they are not smart enough to determine the root of their oppression. It isn’t the cops, it isn’t the white folks scraping to get by => It is that monster George Soros (and his globalist scum buddies) who is financing your terrorist organization! George Soros has financed tyrannical insurgencies all over the world. He is easy to research.

It is very good that many young people are waking up. We hope they now realize that Bernie was nothing more than a “shiny token” to capture their attention and prevent them from finding a candidate who might actually do what he says he will do. If the problem is you want “free stuff” then maybe a bigger government is a good idea…. until you realize that the folks who are paying for your “free stuff” are going to tell you to “pound sand” and stop contributing until you grow up and accept responsibility for your own life.  If you were truly against the corruption of Wall Street and you know our government only aided and abetted their criminal activity we have to ask: Why did you think Socialist Uncle Bernie’s plan for a bigger government was going to fix that problem?

You woke up to the right problem but you landed on the wrong answer….

It is clear that there is parasitical minority of People who have the power, want to keep the power and are scared to death because the great slumbering giant in waking up…. so they are working over time to soft kill us, get us to fight with each other and kill each other while attempting to impose any form of tyranny that will stick so that they are able to continue to basque in their privileged state.  It’s NOT White Privilege that’s a problem => Its elitist ruling class Privilege that “is the problem”…. and the elitist ruling class is composed of all skin colors!!

The result of these continuing escalation will be Zombies:

  • Maybe the Zombies will be the virtual addicts who have discovered Pokemon Go but haven’t discovered that out in the real world stepping in front of car while attempting to capture a virtual character will get you killed.
  • Maybe the Zombies will be Islamic Terrorist Invaders (Criminal Hillary has promised to bring in another one million terrorists in her first term if elected)
  • Maybe the Zombies will be the folks without electricity (Criminal Hillary had promised to shut down our remaining coal power plants completing Obummer’s sabotage of our infrastructure and prosperity)
  • Maybe the Zombies will be the radioactive & decaying hordes escaping an American Fukushima event
  • Maybe the Zombies will be the United Nations Jack Booted thugs sent here to make sure our Cops are not racist
  • Maybe the Zombies will be these Black Lives Matter terrorists (When you call for the death of cops and white people you are inciting violence to achieve a political objective => Terrorism)
  • Maybe the Zombies will be these Social Justice freaks who believe that they are owed something for simply being alive and that if you disagree with them you should be jailed while they high tail it to their nearest “safe place” (True Americans are NOT wimps => Grow a backbone)
  • Maybe the Zombies will be the Cops acting as Palace guards for the Queen (Criminal Hillary)
  • Maybe the Zombies will be self driving vehicles (attack trucks!). They haven’t gotten the self-checkout robot to work reliably at the local grocery store in over a decade but somehow they are going to create self-driving vehicles that are going to work and not 1) Get hacked or 2) Experience a computer crash while the vehicle is in motion (and People think we are crazy).
  • Maybe we will be the Zombies: Those who believe in personal Liberty ostracized by “modern society” and doomed to wander the land of our forefathers.
  • Maybe we will be the Zombies when our friendly big brother unleashes Sky Net and tells their self-driving, self-flying drones to kill all of us…

The fact is, in our brief summary we haven’t covered the natural causes of Zombies: Radical viral infection, huge natural disasters (volcanoes, earthquakes, solar flare, EMP, etc..)…. and while we are here: Direct Alien Invasion.

This is where our analysis asked: Are there any paths forward that don’t lead to Zombies?

There is one… the same path our ancestors took: Local self-sufficiency founded on the principle of individual Liberty.

The days of one man growing his own food, making his own tools, making his own clothes are long gone and they are not coming back without some severe pain and suffering (learning experiences).

Local self-sufficiency emanates from personal Liberty. Individual Liberty isn’t just about personal Freedom it is about respecting the Liberty of others (if you don’t want your liberties tread upon then you don’t go stomping on some other persons liberty). Liberty is the freedom and responsibility to “do” what needs to be done. First to make certain that you do not become a burden upon some others person by accepting responsibility to master as much self-sufficiency as you are capable of => Have the skills to “contribute”. With a solid foundation formed from your freedom to develop skills that interest you, you are in a position to add to the strength of your community.

There is nothing more rugged or resilient then a strong local community: Less than 10% of the land holding men fought off the greatest military force of its time because they had a firm foundation of skills and a dedication to the principle of Liberty (American Revolution).

Liberty doesn’t come from government. Liberty must always be protected from government. The Constitution established the “chains upon the government” (Jefferson) in order to protect the People’s Liberty.

Liberty can’t be voted in… It has to live in the heart. Liberty is a characteristic of a man (men and women). Liberty is the path that avoids Zombies but it is the toughest path to follow: We can’t blame someone else. We can’t vote once every couple of years and expect Liberty. Liberty is fought for every day by saying “No” to government abuses. This is scary and difficult at the moment because of Political Correctness and a normal desire to be “part of a group,  a community”. (Not to mention that our government has demonstrated a keen fondness for using their monopoly on Police Power {Violence} to shut down dissenting voices. Remember that Louis Lerner IRS scandal that no criminal charges were ever filed in and the IRS intentionally destroyed pertinent records AFTER the information was subpoenaed?)

We avoid Zombies by working from the bottom up to make our local communities strong: strong economies, vibrant exchange of opposing ideas, a willingness to listen and think… and possibly change our perspective when the argument is compelling and we must maintain an openness to helping our neighbors independent of their political views => because it is the right thing to do. Most importantly we must stop trying to “get something for free”…. you will never be free and be able to engage in the joy of Liberty as long as you are dependent.

Let’s get something straight: Social Security is not an entitlement => It was sold to Americans as a retirement account that each working American contributed to for their own benefit. The Congress Critters routinely steal the Social Security funds and then run around claiming that Social Security is going to go bankrupt (to scare the life out of older Americans who rely on the Social Security they paid into their entire working lives and cause them to vote for the “Democrat”). It is the very definition of “terrorism”: Creating the fear of poverty to cause a political change.

No American should have their home foreclosed. The Banks stole the money and what did we get? Nothing but tremendous debt. The banksters want to complete their theft by taking the real wealth of Americans => Their property. Until this sham financial system is corrected with widespread criminal prosecutions of government officials and banksters we must say NO to foreclosure.

Look, the banks have no “skin in the game”: It’s not like they loaned out “money on deposit” => They just had their good buddies over at the Federal Reserve conjure digital money out of thin air and then the bastards created derivatives from your mortgage and sold your mortgage many times AND they took insurance out because they realized they were creating bad loans. The People must STOP paying for the crimes of the globalist criminal banksters! As far as we are able to tell when We the People bailed out the Banksters we took back ownership of all of our mortgages. We are sure they have plenty of lawyer tricks to make it sound like they should be able to foreclose but until some integrity is restored in the financial system the only thing we should be concerned about is whether our neighbors have a place to live. (Much more important then the profits of international criminals)

Hopefully, you understand that we are not picking on your local bank manager => These crimes all occur in Wall Street and Washington D.C.

We must focus less on what divides us and focus more on what unite us. We have to learn that if we want to “jump ahead and name the nemesis who persecutes us” we must learn to look for “who benefits?” and with that insight its a safe bet that 90% of the time the nemesis is the globalist, bankster, one-world-order scum. These globalist scum have no love for our local Cops…. they will have them killed just as easily as any of us “civilians”. Our lives have NO value to these elitist parasites. We lose while we are divided because our combined wrath never falls where it will remove our burdens: on the heads of these wanna-be tyrants.

We like to pick on Liberals => Liberal : Promoting Liberty for all. So why do modern day liberals spend their energy  passing laws that impose their tyrannical opinions on people who don’t agree with them? How is that Liberal?

Conservatives have their own forms of oppression. The entire conservative movement got derailed when they changed their focus from “limited government” & “fiscal responsibility” to promoting a religion. We happen to agree with most of the “opinions” of the religious right (but certainly not all) but we have no desire to impose our opinions on anyone (That’s the opposite of Liberty). There are some very difficult challenges in front of all of us and as long as we find reasons to remain divided as a People then the constant incremental usurpation of our God-given rights will continue and we will be confronted with Zombies and Tyrants.

However, we have estimated that the probability of Americans pulling their heads out of their backsides is less than 15%.  We have a 15% (and decreasing nearly every day) chance of avoiding the Zombie Apocalypse and a 85% chance that Zombies are in our immediate future.

Pray for the best but prepare for the worst: Hence our Krakatoa Ranch business model => Helping our community prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse. Hopefully you understand that although we may be completely insane we are not leveraging a “fad” but are earnestly working to contribute our talents to our community to preserve and protect lives. We are sincere. We are committed to our mission.

If the Power Grid goes out 90% of us die. (Cannibalism raises its demonic head within the first three months). Friends don’t let friends become Zombies: Wake up and let’s get to work!

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