A Patriot Democrat Congrsswomen

Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard is what I expect from a Congress person: Brave, honest & action oriented. ( Oh … she is a Democrat & I think she is “on-target” & a true patriot )


I have tweeted @realDonaldTrump & asked him to meet with Congresswomen Gabbard & stop America from arming ISIS in Syria. If we stop the terrorists from taking over Syria not only can we stop the travel ban on folks coming from Syria but we will save lives ( in Syria & in America / Germany / France / Sweden / etc… )

Who armed ISIS in Syria? Obama / Kerry / Clinton / McCain: the usual globalist suspects masquerading as Democrats & Republicans.

Want to bitch at President Trump or start fixing things? Send a tweet to President Trump and pester your congress critter to start doing their job & digging for the truth: Hold them accountable to you or give them the boot!

Twitter is two way communication: Use it!

I know this is going to be difficult for the snowflakes: Must get past their cult following ( belief contrary to fact ) of Obama / Clinton & actually pursue truth & justice.

I don’t just want to stop arming terrorists in Syria I want to know who is responsible & I want them to be held accountable. I want any Nation States who are funneling arms to the terrorists in Syria to be identified & I want all American aide & arms sales stopped to those countries as well ( ban immigration from those countries & stop doing business with them )

( now replace “Syria” with any other country harboring terrorists & repeat )

A bunch of us bitched to President Trump that we felt he was wrong on torture: He listened & changed his mind. ( Yeah… torture is now “off limits” )

Its our country. The government employees ( including President ) work for us. If you want your employee to meet your requirements you must tell your employee your expectations.

What the Dems don’t get is that President Trump is doing what his employers asked him to do ( That’s why he was elected ). It is not President Trump that you disagree with: It is the Americans who elected him that you disagree with.

Which is OK: We Trump supporters were fed up with beltway politicians who were selling us out ( and you Dems supported ). We Trump supporters put up with decades of bad policy but we eventually found common ground with enough of our fellow Americans to put a non-politician in the oval office who we believe will listen to us and do our will.

We don’t give a shit about President Trump’s alleged conflict of business interests, his alleged ties to Russia, his damn tax returns, or the fake news propagated by the globalist owned Main Stream Media => We care about our country, our countrymen and we are willing to do the work. ( We did take over the Republican Party and put “our guy” into the White House ).

We don’t worship at the alter of President Trump: We watch everything he is doing and when we think he makes a mistake we speak up and tell him what we want => He is our employee.

You can join us…. or you can continue to be useful idiots ( globalist pawns ) working for George Soros. The choice is truly yours but we want our country back & we will first work peacefully to achieve that objective and only if necessary will we awaken the awesome power of the sleeping giant to secure our goals once attacked.

We know Saudi Arabia participated in the attacks upon us on 9/11… we will never forget & we will have justice. We also know Saudi Arabia is purchasing weapons from us & funneling those weapons to ISIS. We are patient: we gather the data, make plans & work together finding common ground to achieve our objectives.

We also differentiate between the rulers in Saudi Arabia who are globalists and our brothers and sisters who happen to live in Saudi Arabia. We know who created the monster in Saudi Arabia & we will have justice all the way up the chain.

We are every skin color & have diverse religious beliefs… we are straight & gay & trans & non-gender conforming. We are Americans. ( not second class US citizens ).

We are immune to the insults of racists, sexists, homophobes, islamophobes…etc… We know who we are & we know we love our fellow man ( and not just our fellow Americans but mankind worldwide ).

So, turns out: once again => President Trump was correct: Obama & Clinton were supporting ISIS terrorists ( along with establishment Republicans like songbird McCain ).

If you don’t like the temporary immigration bans then its time to perform “root cause analysis” and eliminate the cancer…. or… you could just keep bitching about President Trump and the adults will do the heavy lifting.

Are you smiling? => You are already on board and this is a gentle reminder not to fall into the cult trap: Express yourself to your employees!

Are you pissed off? => Might want to reconsider your belief system in the light of the knowledge that Americans elected President Trump for a purpose: We will reestablish America as the light on the hill and we will resist the temptation of being the world’s police force. ( Lead by example & not force ). { When attacked we will decimate those responsible: foreign & domestic }

Yes, I am calling some of my friends “stupid” & “idiot”. Stupid isn’t simply a lack of knowledge => It is a lack of wanting knowledge ( an unwillingness to challenge your own beliefs in order to grow ).

I know I am an idiot / stupid on lots of topics: sometimes “I don’t care” ( not important to me )…. other times: I face my defects and claw out the knowledge to overcome my deficits. Either way: Political Correctness must die ( is dead ) or growth is not possible.

“Cowboy up & reach for the stars”

I think we all should agree that the time is here for our Congress critters to be:

1) Forced to abide by the laws they pass for us

2) Forced to participate in every program they force us to participate in ( Obamacare, Social Security, etc… Hell, give them all VA care: That will fix the VA over night and insure our veterans have the best medical care available )

3) End the “never ending” paycheck: When the job is done so is the paycheck

4) Establish a new rule: No one who serves in Congress may be paid more then 3X what we pay a private in the military.

5) Establish a new rule: Congress is banned from raising their own pay ( all pay raises must be initiated and passed by popular vote ) => Combined with #4: We set the pay rate for the private in the military.

6) Establish a new rule: Corporations have no rights => Complete ban on campaign contributions, providing junkets or any form of support for any elected or appointed official.

I’m sure you have good ideas to put the power back in the hands of the People => Express yourself!

Study the Constitution

Criminals have taken over our government!

Is voting for Hillary Clinton a criminal act?

Why the Zombie Apocalypse is Inevitable:


To do this topic justice we would need to kick out 10 or 20 thousand words… write a book, write a follow up, etc…

So we’ll take an objective perspective:

  • GMO food is poison (the rats eating the GMO are all sterile within 3 generations…. our pig wouldn’t eat GMO corn… picky porky was smart).
  • Somebody is spraying poison into the air very frequently…. come spend a few days on the Ranch with us and you will see it directly (we can see 100 miles in every direction… living in the plains gives you a wide open perspective)
  • The water is poisoned intentionally (fluoride is poison… says so on your toothpaste container). On the Ranch we have well water that is poisoned with glyphosates (farming community).
  • Some idiot is going around shutting down the cleanest power production facilities in the world (Coal… in America the only output is water vapor: steam) and moving them to foreign countries that don’t have clean power regulations while ridiculously increasing our power costs. (Cheap power is directly linked to economic prosperity for the poor and middle classes because it enables competitive manufacturing.)
  • Our Nuclear power plants are exceeding their “operational lifetimes”: Fukushima in America
  • Some idiots got together and decided it would be a good idea to build nuclear power plants on fault lines (it must have been a plan… its is impossible that so many nuclear power plants are built on fault lines by accident)
  • Our power grid is wide open to being shut down by an Electro Magnetic Pulse {EMP} (originates from the Sun or from a satellite in orbit or from a nuclear bomb exploding above the ground). This is a well know fact and for as little as $2B our power grid could be hardened: But our corrupt congress critters won’t take any action… too busy figuring out how they are going to get rich by selling out the American People to do a darn thing to protect those same People.

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Shocking: No valid marriages in America!

⇒When you got married did anyone tell you:

  • By signing the marriage license you gave up all of your God-given natural rights secured by your State’s Constitution and the Constitution for the untied States of America?
  • You are entering a three party contract with the State as the superior party?
  • Any children created from the marriage are the property of the State and you would have only “custodial rights and responsibilities” (You children my be taken from you on the whim of a non-elected social service beuracrat)?
  • The terms of the contract may be changed at anytime without giving you any notice or right to challenge the change in terms?
  • That you were offering yourself as a “subject” (slave) to the State?

No? Then the contract is null & void due to fraud (on the part of the State). A contract requires “meeting of the minds”… You must understand the contract or your signature on the contract is not valid.

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The Great Web Hosting Rippoff: Aabaco (was Yahoo)

The original URLI’ve always had a web hosting service provider…. Before Amazon.com was focused on selling book….. Way back when the web was primarily text and largely populated by us geeks.

Back in those days I was not interested in “getting a message out” or “selling anything”. I was interested in understanding web technology from a “hands on” perspective. I learned how to create web pages one HTML tag at a time, I learned how to build interactive web applications using Perl. I was also happy as a pig in mud: my expectations were low and my web services provider met all of my needs.

As my skills evolved do did my needs and I left my original web services provider and tried a few others before I settled on using Yahoo’s small business web hosting solution: they had the right amount of flexibility / power and a good price point. Using that website I chronicled my adventures protecting the 2nd Amendment in Colorado, created non-profit website’s for worthy causes and experimented with decentralized computing (desktop applications that used the web to provide communications, storage & CPU cycles)…… And I was as happy as a pig in mud…. For years.

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